List of Eco ISPs

The electricity consumption of information and communication technology (ICT) continues to grow. Especially data centres consume much electricity. Hence they influence our climate in a negative way. But where does the power come from? More and more data centres are using green electricity. In this list of eco Internet Service Providers we list those ISPs who use green power for their servers.

The list is developed together with our partners On the basis of criteria developed with the support by BUND Rhineland-Palatinate (German Branch of Friends of the Earth), the ISPs are divided into three quality classes.

If you find a mistake or have information on the green power status of any website, feel free to contact us.

You want to know more about the green status of the website you are visiting?

Just install the Firefox Add-on Green Power Indicator, that can be downloaded here. It shows the green status of the websites of the listed providers via a small icon. This is a first step to inform the Internet users about the movements to a "Green Web".