Procedure Model “Use”

Looking at the usage of software, the given procedures are mainly ad-hoc. It is not possible to put the procedures into a procedure model, since there are many different usage scenarios and one cannot find a static workflow neither for professional nor for home users.


With regards to the usage phase in a software products life cycle, there exist actions that describe a continuous cycle of software usage. The following activities are typical in using software products: the installation of software products and patches, the configuration of software and computer systems, and updates for the software. In that context, “micro-configuration”, like installing add-ons in web browsers, configuring the word processor, etc. is being considered. Beside these, the users need to be trained regularly with regards to proper software usage.
The usage procedure directly fits between the selection process and the deactivation phase. That means after choosing a software product and using it in a circuit of repeating activities, the usage phase is detached by taking it out of service. Indeed, another circle is described by starting again with choosing another software product.

Overall, users should reflect on each of their actions that may have negative impacts on sustainable development, in order to search for appropriate guidance that helps mitigating these negative impacts. In that way, a continuous improvement cycle can be applied intuitively, similarly to the sub-procedure model component Administrate.