Indirectly Related Criteria and Metrics

Indirectly Related Criteria and Metrics subsume quality properties and their supporting metrics that regard how software indirectly affects its usage domain and how software supports sustainable development in its application domain. The first is addressed by the property Reflectivity whereas the latter is addressed by the property Sustainability.
Currently, the property Reflectivity [2] re-quires more research to get easy-to-use and reliable metrics.

The property Sustainability [2] is supported by the aspects fit for purpose, reduction, and beauty. Fit for purpose describes how software helps its application domain to reach its objectives. Reduction considers how the software supports its application domain in waste reduction. Beauty assesses the contribution of the software to sustainable development. To measure the property Sustainability, it is necessary to define a reference software system and to calculate metrics that can then be compared with the same metrics of the system currently under development.